How to Dominate #NSale 2019!

How to Dominate #NSale 2019!

How to DOMINATE the Nordstrom Sale??? Take advantage of the  bargain-hunting I did… and shop from the comfort of your own home! This is my first year to have insider access to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and I took FULL advantage of it! In the last 48 hours I have tried my best to check out what deals the #Nsale has to offer so I could bring my FAVORITE deals, straight to my FAVORITE peeps!

What I have realized, besides the fact that I am strangely obsessed with anything leopard print, is that this year’s #NSale is alllll about the denim! I could not get over how amazing the denim selection was!

… enough of my chit chat.. lets get to the good stuff…. DIRECT LINKS to shop my favorite picks!! Make sure you make it all the way to the bottom.. I’ll give you an insider tip on what will sell out immediately! Get those things at the top of your wishlist and add them to your cart ASAP <3 I will also give you my TOP 5 favorite snags 🙂


The sweater game is strong my friends… sooo many good options! One that a lot of people wanted from my dressing room was this Madewell color-blocked cardi! It comes in multiple colors, but something about the grey and navy had me swooning…


I pretty much ended up with only Rails tops, or Free people! Always favorites of mine! I also grabbed that little leopard tee last minute because.. well.. I have some kind of weird obsession with all of it


These were my favorite pairs… I wasn’t sure if I would love the Black studded Paige bootie height on my legs, but I ended up loving them! It is a very flattering bootie height, and doesn’t cut you off at a weird angle!


I wanted more hats guys… but they were already sold out! Out of the bags.. I couldn’t resist those two backpacks. The olive color of the Treasure and Bond bad was soo pretty and you CANNOT beat that price! Then the Clare V. suede backpack was giving me heart-eyes… After Sale it jumps up to $399… so snag it now while you can save $133.00! Also comes in a tote, that is already sold out in store!


My Sooo many great options, but these were my favorites! That casual grey ALLSAINTS jacket was sooo comfortable and cozy jumps up to $150 after the sale, so it’s a great time to grab!!


Give me allllll the jeans! It was sooooo soooo hard for me to narrow it down! I loved every single pair! The jean selection is too good! If you’re going to splurge.. now is the time to do it! My suggestion is spend your money on a pair that is a little different from the average pair. Maybe that leopard GOOD AMERICAN pair, or that Pair of cropped flares from FRAME. Then I would also grab a great classic pair… possibly the solid black Madewell jeans, or the skinny Paige jeans. You cannot go wrong with any of them!!!


These were my top favs in this category. I think my absolute favorite was the leopard skirt by Something Navy (I know shocking.. I’m obsessed with another leopard piece… but it was TOO good!)


I had to have that Adidas tank… I bought a similar one last year, but in black, and I wear it all the time! For loungewear… I was loving more leopard! Both of those were flying off of the racks!


Favorite part of beauty??? The Le Labo fragrance packs. I haven’t found a single scent that wasn’t heavenly


I got to shop starting on the 10th. I rushed my tush to Nordstrom as soon as they unlocked the doors, and already these items were almost GONE! SHOP FAST!


It is soooo hard to narrow it down to 5 choices… but If I had to pick, here they are

  1. That Vince bootie going to be the bootie of the season! It comes in black and “Roasted Cashew” also! At first glance I liked the Cashew color, but it was sooo close to my skin tone, that I went with the “Light Straw” color. They have the perfect bootie height for comfort and are sooo cute!!
  2. The Mother cropped jeans.. are the mother of all jeans! The cutest hemline and they are soo comfortable on! Out of all the jeans… (and I’m obsessed with a lot), those are hands-down my FAV!
  3. Something Navy wound up in my dressing room a lot! I loooved this crew neck leopard sweater! It also comes in a cardigan, which is equally as cute.. I just fell in love with the cozy fit of the crew neck.
  4. This ALLSAINTS leather jacket in “Ocean Blue” is definitely a splurge.. but I couldn’t resist! This was the very last one in store so if you’re going to take the plunge.. do it FAST! In person, the color is irrisistable!
  5. Last, but not least, this Free People Sweater was my faaaaavorite! It is so comfortable and I loved the slouchy fit! I feel like I will wear it non-stop! I liked it so much I bought it in 2 colors (yes, I’m that weird), Terracotta (rust), and Ivory!


Take my links, and load up your wishlist now, so the second the sale goes live at 12:30 PM EST… You can load these puppies straight into your cart!

As always, thank you for using my links! Your support means the world to me!! Now, get out there and DOMINATE!!!

Happy Shopping,




If you follow my instagram, I think you know by now… I loooove a good graphic tee!

If there is anything you need to mix into your wardrobe, its that! One of the most versatile pieces. Wear it with jeans and sneaks for everyday mom life, or dress it up with a skirt for a date night. It instantly adds an effortlessly cool vibe to your outfit!

Below are my favorite graphic tees at every price point!

Tag me in your pics! I want to see how y’all style your “GRAPHIC TEE”



Breaking the Cycle of Ordering Out!

Breaking the Cycle of Ordering Out!

I have a serious problem…. I order out, at least 4 nights a week….

Every Sunday I sit down to plan a grocery list. After a weekend full of chips and salsa, pizza and Thai food, all I want is to plan healthy meals to cook for my entire family, Sunday through Thursday. Simple enough, right?

I work hard at planning my meals. I always go to for great healthy filling, delicious recipes, then I scour through cookbooks to search for healthy meals. Once I have my list complete, I feel on top of the world!

Sunday night: a healthy meal is on the table.. there is always whining from the kids, but it’s only Sunday and I am soooo motivated that I can take it!

Monday night: After a full day of running around, taking kids to school, checking off the to-do list, picking kids up from school, enforcing homework, playing nerf guns with Kace… I don’t totally feel like cooking, but I will. There will be a LOT of whining, but I can get through it because it’s only Monday, I have to suck it up!

Then Tuesday comes… same routine.. rushing around, after school play dates, running Livia to musical theater. Kids are whining from the second they walk in the door about Kace being too loud, or wanting to watch youtube, or Kace taking all of clothes off and trying to pee on the couch. The idea of cooking gets more and more daunting…. I can feel my heart rate speed up just thinking of trying to cook while Kace is climbing on top of the counter tops trying to smack me in the face with a spatula and Livia and Violet are whining because they don’t want to eat whatever it is I’m making… thats when I give in. Favor to the rescue!

Wednesday night: I think about cooking for a brief moment, but after guitar lessons and soccer games, all while toting my two-year old mini monster around, Favor or UberEats is sounding pretty good.

Thursday night: Its almost the weekend so… why not just order out?

Friday and Saturday: HAH! Def not cooking.

Then Sunday repeats!

I have created a vicious cycle of not only spending too much money ordering out, but wasting perfectly good groceries! It has to stop! I need help-lol! Hold me accountable! This week I am going to stick to my meal plan! I WILL cook one meal that the whole family will (be forced to) eat Sunday through Thursday.

Here is what I’m making:

Sunday- Skirt steak with chimichurri sauce, and grilled corn on the cobb.

Monday- Grilled Chicken with arugula and warm chick peas. This is going to be a tough one to get the kids to eat it, but it will be Monday and I will be motivated enough to stick it out!

Tuesday- Tacos! I know its not the healthiest thing ever, but the kids will eat it, and I can make it into a Taco salad for Kevin and myself.

Wednesday- I’m going to go with “Southwest Soup”, a family recipe that is super easy, and I can get all 3 kids to eat it. Livia will whine about it, but she’ll eat it! You basically dump chicken breasts, chicken broth, 2 cans of black beans, 2 cans of corn, 4 cans of Rotel diced tomatoes and green chilis, chili powder cumin, and salt in a pot and cook it! Shred the chicken and serve with a little sour cream. Easy peasy!

Thursday- Turkey meatballs with marinara sauce, and a salad. I mayyyy give in and let the kids have peas for a side, because the griping over salad may drive me up the wall!

WISH ME LUCK!!! Tune in on instagram stories (@stephikruse) every night to see how it goes down :).



How to pack, for an over-packer…

Recently, I had the chance to go to Vegas for a 3-day getaway (kid-free). For some reason, nothing excites my fashion-loving soul like a trip to pack for! I feel like a getaway is the perfect opportunity to dress a little more over-the-top than usual! That being said,  it makes it hard for me to narrow down exactly what I want to wear…. hence… the OVERPACKING!

Here is everything I wanted to stuff into my carry-on bags for my 3 day trip (not pictured.. 2 workout outfits, bluetooth speaker, purses and toiletries):


Here is how I did it:

  1. I pack my Away carry-on bag with shoes, toiletries, purses, jewelry, my speaker, and computer. Then I fill the mesh insert with my undergarments,  workout clothes and swimsuits, and strap it in. To save space I always tuck my socks into my sneakers.


  2. I use a Herschel Supply co. duffel for my “personal bag”. That is wear I put all of my clothes. The duffel fits a ton and can fit under the seat in front of you (however, doesn’t give you much leg room.. but I’m willing to stick it out in order to pack all of my clothes). There is a small side compartment, meant for shoes, but I keep a little bag with things that I may want to access on the plane, such as headphones, lipgloss, ibuprofen, etc.


  3.  Then I wore a fanny pack, yes… a fanny pack, with my cellphone, credit card and ID, and cash. That way I can easily access it 🙂 IMG_8158.jpg


Here is what I actually wore ;):


Now for the best part…. here are direct links to shop!


Can’t find something?? DM me on instagram and I’ll help you find the exact product or something similar!!