Hello Everyone! I am Stephanie Kruse, lover of food, fun, and fashion! Wife to Kevin, and mommy to Livia, Violet, and Kace!

For the first 8 years of our marriage, we moved around for Kevin’s Orthopaedic residency and fellowships. About a year and a half ago, we landed in Dallas, TX and we are here to stay!!

With 3 crazy kiddos and a super busy hubby, I am usually running around like crazy. You’ve probably seen my hot-mess-self roaming the isles of Target, while trying to keep 6 little hands inside the ginormous cart. I’m usually distracted from my list by a million things I don’t need (or do I???? ๐Ÿ™‚ ), or by two little girls fighting, the baby crying, one child wanting pokemon cards, one begging for lunchables, somebody has to pee, somebody wants to hop out of the cart and grab something glass and breakable— pure chaos!

This very typical “Khaotic” scenario is exactly what prompted me to start this blog! I intend to keep my sanity by sharing funny mom stories, family fashion finds, travel fun, food we love (and by “we” I mean Kev and myself.. because lets face it, the kids reject anything that’s not previously frozen), and … REAL LIFE!

I hope you enjoy laughing/reading along with me!

xoxo, Stephanie


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