Flying With Kids

Flying with kids… not for the faint of heart. If you ever feel like putting your patience to the ultimate test, bring three small children on an airplane and roll with it! I have a few things I do to try to help the trip be as easy as possible. “Try” being the key word πŸ™‚

Early morning flight?

Have your kiddos go to bed in something super comfy that they can go straight to the airport in. For my girls, thats a simple t-shirt dress, and then I have their easiest slip-on shoes right next to their beds. That way when they wake up, all they have to do is roll out of bed, slip on their shoes, and hop into the car!!


Keeping the kiddos occupied:

We do have kindle fires that the girls received as a gift from my Grandparents, which is always an easy go-to. However, sometimes games don’t work, batteries die, etc. so I always try to find some fun little items for their carry-on bags before each trip. If it’s stuff we have in the house already.. they get bored of it in 20 seconds. This is where Target’s dollar section comes into play! For our most recent trip, I found some cute little sketchpads, a little clipboard with notepad paper, pencil case and fidget spinner. I think I spent about $7 per child, and it occupied them throughout our entire trip.

I brought their little sketchpads everywhere. We would have drawing contests at dinner, we had them bring them along throughout the day to draw what they saw, sometimes they would create checklists of things they wanted to do.. The possibilities are endless ;). I also pack snacks!! If your kiddos are anything like mine.. the second the plane starts to taxi down the runway, they are crying about being hungry and thirsty. I always have a couple little treats in their bags and fill up a water bottle in the airport (after security of course) for them to have on the airplane. When all of my fun little treats and activities fail, I give in and let them play with their kindles. Sometimes you just need a little quiet-lol!

For the baby!

First… get hand sanitizer! Airplanes and airports are full of who knows what kind of germs, and those little hands are going to need a little spritz of germ killer here and there throughout the trip πŸ˜‰ Second, need bottles ready-to-go at a moments notice, and baby snacks (Kace loves those little yogurt melts). Third, any kind of baby toy that doesn’t make a lot of noise, and wont hurt strangers when they hurl it through the air at them :). I found his banana toothbrush/teether seemed to be a great choice. Also, a couple of his stuffed animals were a good choice :).

Don’t forget to pack your patience!

Kace is not the biggest fan of sitting still… also not a fan of not being able to crawl around anywhere he wants. While waiting for our flight, I try to let him crawl around a little (why I need hand sanitizer) to tire him out before the flight. Then, I let him have a bottle while we’re taking off in hopes that it will help his ears and soothe him enough to fall asleep. It has worked in the past, however, this trip he wasn’t having any of my “tricks”. He wanted to grab everyones hair in the seats in front of us, bang on the seat tray tables, climb, roll, squeal, make as much noise as humanly possible, and more! I honestly felt like I was wrestling an alligator for 3 hours straight. While said wrestling was taking place, I glanced over at Kevin, reclined in his seat relaxing, reading a nice article.

He had time to stop, scratch his head a little, got lost in thought and glanced out the window at the sky for a while… Flash back over to me getting hair pulled, smacked in the face, spit up on, a 6 year old tapping my shoulder whining because her kindle game wasn’t working.. MOM LIFE!!! Am I right??? It was honestly comical, all I could do was stop and laugh. Finally, I snuggled that little baby boy up, and walked the isles back and forth a little and got him to fall asleep for the last 20 minutes of the flight-lol! Don’t worry.. it was still pure chaos, as Violet was hysterical because she ate all of her snacks and wanted more! Plus, her virtual pony lost in a race making it her ” worst. day. EVER!” (her words).

Just when you thought it was over…

The flight may be over, but you still have one final test.. deplaning, and getting out of that airport! Just when baby goes to sleep, its time to wake him up, gather all carry-on items, shuffle kids off the plane, through the airport (usually whining because they’re too tired to have to walk-those poor poor babies πŸ˜‰ ), get whatever checked luggage you have– which if you are flying with kids, you will have checked luggage due to carseats–and occupy those kiddos until their carseats are finally added to the luggage belt (usually always last!). This is when “I Spy” comes in handy! You distract them from having to walk, and carry their own backpacks.. by picking out random things in the airport and having them guess what it is! They loooove it! Finally, you have your bags and you can bust outta there!!!

By the time the entire travel ordeal is over with.. you have definitely earned yourself a glass of wine! Unfortunately, it’s only 8 AM and not socially acceptable to drink at that time-lol!

Happy travels!!!



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We made it!!!!! (The guy in the background knows how crazy we are…lol!


***Little random tip… For some reason Kace was completely enamored with me blowing bubbles with my chewing gum. On our flight back to Dallas, he was entertained for probably over an hour with bubble gum- mom win!!!!

6 thoughts on “Flying With Kids

  1. Your blogs are great! Ever thought about writing as a profession ? You have such a knack for it!

    Your family is so cute, and your fashionista style make the pics so so enjoyable!

    Tell Sean I said hello. Wish she would use Facebook more. !

  2. Love the idea of the kids sleeping in what they’ll be wearing! Soooo practical!!! And I bet the girls loved it! πŸ™‚

  3. This is so great! You are one brave momma! I really don’t know if I could do it! Loved the part about Kevin getting to read a nice article-isn’t that the truth! πŸ˜‚ Anyways, love watching your children grow and all your fun adventures!

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