Back to School

It’s that time again.. time for new backpacks and lunch-boxes. Time to replace old sneakers, that are a tad bit tight, with brand spanking new sneakers that will look like old sneakers by the end of the first day. It’s time to go back to school!!!!

Back to school-time is always a bittersweet thing for me. I love it because the kids are so excited and we’re going to be getting back on a routine, which helps all of us to function a little better. It’s also one more reminder that another year has passed, and my little babies are getting older! Every year it puts a lump in my throat, with the realization that they wont be little forever. 🙁

However, it’s happening whether I want it to, or not.. so here’s how I prepared… Each kiddo has to have a new pair of sneaks! For Livia I got some white chucks from Nordstrom rack and another pair of silver metallic oxfords. For Violet, I found the cutest pair of grey adidas superstars at Nordstrom rack. The sole is metallic silver, which I looooove! This pair is perfect for her because her school playground is made up of tiny rocks, and any shoe with a white sole comes home at the end of the day looking 5 years old!! We’ll see how these hold up ;).

As for clothing… it’s still super hot here in Dallas so I just picked up a few fun things that I thought the girls would love, in order to spruce up their back to school style a little ;). What I noticed.. I love all things sparkly, and anything with a patch! I did end up buying one crushed-velvet blush colored jacket, strictly because I couldn’t pass it up! I want one for myself 0:-).


Violet got a silver metallic backpack from Nordstrom rack that came with these little sequin patches that she put on herself, which she absolutely loved! It also came in metallic pink. Livia picked out a hot pink sequin backpack that we spied on amazon. What can I say… my girls love sequins and anything sparkly, just like their mommy 😉 !

Lunch Box love

Livia is obsessed with cats, and Violet is obsessed with unicorns. I completely feed into my kids obsessions (I mean I kinda like unicorns too… ), so we searched cat lunch box on amazon and found the fun little lunch box below, and Livi went nuts! We then saw in the pics below, that it came in a unicorn emoji print– PERFECT and done!

Processed with VSCO with c2 preset

I also found some great containers at target, perfect for lunch boxes! score! Check out my links to shop below!!!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

If you need me at all next week.. I will most likely be listening to Abba’s “Slipping through my fingers” crying in my car-lol! WARNING: If you are sending your kiddo off to school for the very first time, this song WILL make you bawl like a baby!

Good luck mamas!! Xoxo



Links to Shop:

Black dress with mesh overlay

Crushed velvet Blush bomber

Army green overalls with patches

Lavender tee w/patches

Army green skirt with star patch

Pink striped tee with sequin hamburger

Black and white striped tee with lightening bolt

Silver metallic backpack

Pink sequin backpack

Silver metallic oxfords

Lavender tulle dress with planet patches

Cat lunch box

Emoji lunch box and matching water bottle


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  1. Your an amazing mom! I wish I could be more like you!!! Does your husband know what a lucky sucker he is?? If not he is a a damn fool!!!

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