Kace is UNO!!!

Well, it’s official.. my little baby is 1! To celebrate this special milestone, we decided to have a fiesta, (this theme gave me the perfect excuse to expand upon my love for all things cactus!). In attendance: lots of Kace’s baby besties, some of his big kid favs, and my mom was able to come in town to celebrate!!

Kace and Mimi

I know that Kace wont remember his first birthday, so it may be silly to go overboard.. but, I love to entertain and going overboard is my middle name 0:-). There were three main things to consider for the party:

  1. How to entertain the babies
  2. How to entertain the big kids
  3. How to entertain the adults

To entertain the babies, I had some of Kace’s baby toys out and about (i.e. walker, ride-on toy, bouncer, and typical baby toys). I also had little maracas for each little one to play with and to take home as a party favor! I think the babies actually really liked the maracas.

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Maracas were found here.

For the big kids, I rented a bounce house (a small price to pay for hours of fun). I had a babysitter out by the bounce house so parents could relax a little. To keep them nice and cool in our crazy Dallas heat, I had a little inflatable cactus cooler filled with fun juice barrels and freeze-pops.

Get this inflatable cooler here.

We also kept bubble wands outside for the kiddos to play with. I knew they may get bored of the bounce house, so we had pin the tail on the donkey… and when all else fails …let them play with balloons! Good old fashion kid fun!!


**The only thing with balloons rolling all around is that the babies were obsessed with them too.. so that was somewhat of a fail on my part- next baby party, I may skip the balloons!


To entertain the adults, we rented a margarita machine!! What’s more fun than that? lol!! For some extra fun, I put together a little “photo booth” so everyone could get a festive pic. Believe it or not, almost all the items for the photo booth are items I already had from other parties, or decorations from around the house– I hoard!

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Sombrero, taco piñata, serape blanket, fringe curtain, tissue flowers, cactus pillow, mustaches, serape.

I think everyone had some photo booth fun…

The Food:

We set up a little taco bar, complete with homemade brisket, pork carnitas, and all the fixings. We also made some guacamole, and picked up some pico de gallo and salsa from our favorite local restaurant- Mia’s Tex Mex Kitchen!

I ordered Kace’s smash cake, larger round cake, and cupcakes from Susie Cakes. Not only is their cake absolutely delicious, but they will work with you on customizing your cake, so it’s perfect for your party’s theme! To tie the cupcakes in with the theme, I found some adorable cactus cupcake toppers on amazon, linked here!

Kevin made some spicy chocolate ice cream, with dolce de leche woven in. In case I haven’t shared that with y’all before, one of Kev’s hobbies is making ice cream (hence, my massive pregnancy weight gain), so he always comes up with something fun for the kiddo’s birthdays. He also made a traditional vanilla bean ice cream.


Time For the Main Event:

What every parent at their 1 year old’s party can’t wait for… SMASH CAKE TIME!!! We stripped him down to his diaper, and put a bib on (more because the bib matched our fiesta theme so perfectly that I had to put it on him). We put a sparkler candle on the top– I was hoping it wouldn’t scare him. It didn’t at all!! I don’t know what made him happier, the sparkling candle or everyone looking at him and singing to him!

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The little banners on the front of the high chair were handmade. I had all that fabric so I cut strips of it and tied it onto twine. The “UNO” banner was made from canvas, glitter letter stickers (hot glued onto fabric), and I cut the little cactus out of green felt!

Once the candle burnt out, we sat the sweet little cake in front of him. I was so curious.. will he eat it? Is he going to spit it out? I’ve mentioned on Instagram before that Kace has issues with textures. I thought he may like the icing, but might spit the cake out due to texture. Boy, was I wrong! He got one taste of that cake, and destroyed it!! It was so cute, he couldn’t eat it fast enough! He also had lots of his friends “helping” him ;-).


No Party is Complete Without a Piñata:

Piñatas always make me nervous, but the kids love it, so I gave in and got one! It was stuffed with dumdums, clappers, and bouncy balls! We lined the kiddos up according to height. The shortest kiddos got to take a whack at it first. Kevi even held Kace up to “hit” it as well ;-). When it finally busted, hardly any candy fell out and everyone was crying– it was kind of a disaster. I ran in to grab the leftover candy and just threw it out in the yard for them all to chase after (it worked).

** When I was cleaning up the piñata mess, I realized that the stuffing wasn’t taken out-lol! I had my mom stuff it, and she didn’t know there was stuffing inside… no wonder hardly any candy fit in there-lol!!

Party Favors:

For the babies, I found those cute little painted maracas (pictured earlier) on amazon. The majority of the party decorations were ordered from amazon.. I seriously don’t know what I would do without it-haha!

For the big kids, I had planned on the piñata stuffings, bubble wands, and maracas as being the party favor, but my mom made me realize that wasn’t enough. On my last target run before the party, I snagged some Mike and Ike’s (fiesta colors right??), and glow bracelets and put them in plastic baggies with the maracas for an official party favor!

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Fun and festive! 

Overall, Kace had a blast! He got to see his sweet friends, play with maracas and try to eat balloons, and got a belly full of yummy cake!! I think all in all the party was a success- at least I hope! haha!




…..Extra Party Details:

Kace’s Get Up:

Sombrero- I ordered a pack of mini plastic sombrero, and I fancied Kace’s up a little with a hand-cut cactus and some pom pom trim that I had at the house! find the plastic sombreros here. I actually found the ones I used at Hobby Lobby– 6 for $2.99.
Shirt- Black t-shirt was purchased at Hobby Lobby for $2.99. I have a good friend with a cricut machine that cut out the letters and cactus for me to iron on Kace’s shirt!
Cactus shorts- Found at The Gypsy Wagon in Dallas. Similar here and here.
Splatter mocassins- Freshly picked — This link has them on sale!!

Shop my fiesta outfit:

Dress- Shopbop— on SUPER sale!!
Mini sombrero- I found mine at hobby lobby for only $4.99, but for convenience sake.. here is a link for online purchasing.

Party stuff:

Fiesta banners
Decorative paper fans
Fiesta table runner
Mi Casa Su Casa Doormat
Cactus napkins- I found these at different boutiques around Dallas, but I found links here, here and here
Cactus marquis light
Green Dresser: We have actually had this dresser for years. I purchased it several years ago at a consignment store for $55. It was originally dark brown.. it has been different colors over the years and different paces in the house. Most recently, I painted it bright green to go in Kace’s “southwest-feel” baby room! We brought it downstairs for the party and it served as our “drink station”.

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  1. What a GREAT, FESTIVE, UNO Birthday party for Kace….Years to come he will
    enjoy them….am certain his sisters will ‘fill’ him in with their ‘interpretations’ of his

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