Help Kids Wake Up Happy… Or At Least Happier

I don’t know about you, but waking up my two oldest children for school is like pulling teeth. Especially my oldest.. I have compared it to waking a sleeping bear because I truly make get clawed, or even bitten ( okay, thats a slight exaggeration… but I have been accidentally kicked during one of her fits of rage-lol).

6:30 AM hits and I start my mental prep..take slow deep breaths..chug some coffee, psych myself up for the upcoming task. I finally head up there at 6:45. I tip toe in, turn on the closet light because if I turn on the main bedroom light, they start screaming as if they are vampires that just walked out into the sun. I always start with a nice happy voice trying to excite them for the day ahead. Within minutes, that nice sweet voice turns into a shrill, “GET UP NOWWW!!!!”

We’ve tried picking out outfits together the night before school to avoid the inevitable meltdown of not wanting that pink sparkly skirt, “I wanted the OTHER pink sparkly skirt”. Which pink sparkly skirt, dang it.. we have 5!! Even if the outfit is totally right, a sock will feel weird in their shoe, or there’s a meltdown over having to have their hair brushed. Don’t even get me started over the long process of picking out breakfast.

One night, I was venting to my husband about the whole process, trying to brainstorm different ways to make it less crazy. His response was ” Don’t wake them up.. let them be late and see how that feels” (I don’t think he understands that the person who gets punished the most by that, is me). Then he brought up a genius idea… “What if you woke them up to music?” I instantly perked up. That is not half bad. If I woke them up to a song they liked.. maybe they would get up a little happier.

The next morning I put this idea to the test. I walked into their room playing Taylor Swifts catchy ” Shake it Off” (Instant mood brightener). The girls both opened up their eyes and kinda shook their shoulders to the beat.. then got up and danced their way over to the closet to get dressed. Oh my gosh.. did this just work? Did my genius husband and Taylor Swift just save my life (or at least my morning)??? YES!

Now every morning, I wake them up with music and it seriously seems to help.. unless it’s not a song my 6 year old likes, but I can quickly change it to try to save the morning ;). Hope this helps all you parents out there!!

May the force be with you!


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