Easter Basket Magic

It’s Easter time!!!! The birds are chirping in the mornings, flowers are blooming (at least it is for some of us. For those of you still experiencing snow… move to Texas! We gotcha covered). This also means it’s time to have a little Easter basket fun! I like to consider myself a personal shopper for the Easter Bunny. I mean, the bunny can’t do it all alone…

I got the chance to collaborate with the insanely talented, and creative, @anekdot_creative to share with you some of the cute things I picked out for the bunny to give my kids.. and to bring a little Easter Magic to each of you:


When shopping for the bunny.. I like to find a few things to get the kids outside and playing. For me, that alllllways means chalk and bubbles! As long as we have chalk and bubbles in the house.. we have instant fun! I mean, my kids may be writing “Violet is a poopy butt” all over the fence.. but hey, they’re having fun while they do it 😉 . This year I spiced it up a bit and added hula hoops and a Tee-ball set for Kace!

Chalk, bubbles, LOL surprise doll, peeps, Bling2o goggles, ( face mask, bath bomb, sunnies and case are all found here.)

For the girls, I made a little stop into Justice. They have some adorable little accessories that every girls needs…. such as, mermaid face mask (they need to start refining their pores early), unicorn bathbomb, and killer pairs of sunnies!

Dinosaurs, reese’s carrot, jellycat bunny, tee ball, bubbles, chocolate egg, nerf ball.

While shopping for Easter candy, I learned a very important lesson: never shop for Easter candy while hungry! You will end up with 45 bags of peanut m&ms. I also noticed a peanut butter trend. Every single bag of candy I got is either reese’s related, or is filled with peanut butter, or has peanuts in it. I have a problem. I also included a kinder surprise egg. When we were living in France, hey had Kinder eggs in basically every store and the kids were absolutely obsessed with them. I haven’t ever seen them in the U.S., so when I saw them in Target I almost squealed with excitement.  Next, you haaaave to have a chocolate bunny (the Easter bunny likes to remind the kids who’s number 1).  Last, but not least, a peeps bunny on a stick…because you can’t have an easter basket without a sugar-covered bunny shaped marshmallow. Duh.

Now when the big day comes, I intend on sending the kids on a scavenger hunt to find their baskets ( that the “bunny” will cleverly hide in a closet somewhere). They need to learn that everything in life doesn’t come easy.. that includes Easter baskets 😉 . Happy Easter!!!!







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