DIY Ice Queen Costume


I looooove any excuse to dress in theme, so Halloween makes me extra excited! This year I couldn’t decide between an ice queen, and a skeleton, so I left it up to the “gram” for a vote… Voters chose Ice queen! So I put my online ordering skills to the test, and this is what I came up with!!

My bodysuit is from Dolls kill! Such a fun find, but wear pasties under because its slightly sheer. I got my rhinestone face decalbelt, and tights from amazon! Shoes are Jeffrey Campbell….linked here.

I made this crown out of hot glue sticks! There are several youtube tutorials online, but this is the one I used: ICE CROWN TUTORIAL .

The cape was handmade as well. I snagged 2 yards of this sparkly sheer fabric at Michaels, 1/2 yard of silver studded ribbon material, and 1/2 a yard of silver fringe. I bought 2 white shoulder pads for structure. I placed the fabric over my shoulders the way I wanted it and glued it to the bottom side of the shoulder pads. A savvier crafter could definitely sew it.. but I was on a time crunch and I’m lazy- lol!! Then I used a hot glue gun to glue the silver studs to the top of the shoulder pads, then lined the edges with the silver fringe to give it a finished look.

To attach the cape, I had a friend tac it onto my bodysuit!

I finished off the look with silvery makeup, lashes, and white-out contacts! All purchased from a local wig store!

Happy Halloween!



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