Quarantini Time

Seeing that every day feels a little like Groundhog’s Day… I have spiced things up a bit by making this little “Quarantini”. Full disclosure; It’s not a martini.. it’s really just a cocktail, but I just like saying “Quarantini” 😂.

Enough words.. I’ll get to the good stuff…

The Recipe:

  • Tequila – I use Espolon Good price, tastes great
  • Juice of 1 entire lime + Zulay lime squeezer (it makes life easier)
  • Topo Chico (could substitute with club soda..but Topo Chico is better)
  • Cointreau
  • Hot Steve **optional** (for me Steve is essential.. he’s a spicy little rim salt that I crave 😉)


First, get some Hot Steve (or salt) all up on that rim! To make this perfect Quarantini,  pour the desired amount of tequila in your Goblet (I’m not judging the amount). You must use a fancy cup/ or Goblet because in quarantine life, we all deserve to be just a little extra! Now, bust out your lime squeezer and squeeze every last drop of juice into the goblet. Now add a splash of cointreau. More than a splash will sweeten up your cocktail. For some, this is desired. For me, I like a tart drink, so just a splash is perfect! Fill your goblet with ice, now top it off with delicious Topo Chico, and you have yourself a “Quarantini”! Enjoy


** Warning** This Quarantini could cause you to stay up wayyy too late watching re-runs of Curb Your Enthusiasm, and making random amazon purchases. Please drink responsibly



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