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Something that really gets me excited, when it comes to fashion, is a good Vintage find! There is nothing like that feeling of finding a great piece from a previous generation, that can be effortlessly worked into your current wardrobe.

What started my love of vintage? My grandma Susan’s jewelry collection. I always remember her as being so fashionable, and her biggest passion was jewelry. I wear her bracelets all of the time, and they’ve become the most treasured pieces of my wardrobe. When I started noticing the joy it brought me to wear something from the past, that fits so perfectly in the present.. I started branching out to explore more vintage shops!

Where to begin?

I think some of you appreciate vintage, but just have no idea where to start. Here are my tips for how to shop vintage:

First, start small! If you are new to checking out vintage, maybe start with something small.. like a home accent, or maybe a fun bangle. Something that wont, break your bank account, but will add a fun pop to your home or wardrobe! Take it home, wear it, and see how great it makes you feel 🙂

Go into each shop with an open mind. You never know what treasure you might find in there. If you absolutely love something, odds are, you will wear it with ease. Don’t be scared off my a small hole, or maybe the length of something. You can always take to a seamstress to have something hemmed or repaired.

Don’t get woo’d by a label. Just because it’s designer, doesn’t mean it will be right for your style. It’s happened to me before. I left a vintage shop in France with some Chanel pumps, really just because they were ridiculously affordable, and well… they were Chanel. However, I rarely wear them because the short quilted heel makes me feel like a 1950’s typewriter or something -lol! I do bust them out occasionally, but I never quite feel like myself when I wear them. You can find plenty of amazing things, that are super cool, without them being a designer you know.

Last, get what you love! If there is a necklace you can’t get over, and the price is right… get it!! You will kick yourself if you walk away from a great vintage find and then you can’t find it again.

How to Style Vintage:

A great rule of thumb is to pair a little old with a little new! Sounds easy enough right? Pair a band tee with a new stylish blazer, and maybe one of your vintage necklace finds.STU05241

Or bust out that brand new romper, but throw on a vintage ring to give your outfit some depth. Maybe you found a cool Bomber jacket. Throw it on with your favorite pair of jeans, a tee and sneakers, or maybe put it on with a trendy skirt and top, for a little edge.


The possibilities with vintage styling are endless. Have a little fun with it!




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