Frozen Margarita Recipe

I don’t mean to brag, but I’m known far and wide (among my friends) for being THE best frozen drink maker in all the land. With cinco de mayo rapidly approaching, I figured that I would finally share how I make my frozen margaritas!

This is a no frills, NOT diet-friendly recipe, but it will please the taste buds, and have you feeling like dancing for sure!! 😜

Ingredients: IMG_2934

(makes about 4)

  • 1 can of frozen minute made Lime concentrate (most important ingredient)
  • Tequila ( I use Espolon silver)
  • A beer of choice (Honestly, I usually use Coors or Miller light).
  • Ice



Pour the entire can of frozen Limeade into the blender. Then fill that can about an inch from the top with Tequila. IMG_2935Pour that tequila right on in that blender. Fill blender with ice. Then pour beer over the mixture until about an inch below the ice. Now put the lid on and hit liquify on that blender. You want to blend for at least one minute in order to not get ice chunks into the mixture. Nobody wants to deal with ice chunks, am I right? We need that nice smooth consistency. Now pour it into your glass and enjoy 🙂

**If your margarita is a little to watery.. add a few more cubes of ice onto the top and re-blend. Each blender is a little different, so sometimes you have to finagle the ice/beer ratio 😂.

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